How To Attract Great Employees
In LESS Time
with LESS Work Guaranteed!
Do you have a newly created position,
a vacant position,
or one with higher than acceptable turnover?
Are your job postings Hit or Miss
in terms of there response rate or
quality of candidate?
Learn how to create an ultra attractive job advertisement using specifically designed psychological profile for the position that will be irresistible to the candidate because the job will sound like it was written specifically for them.
This is Advanced Training on the use of Psychological Assessment Tools specifically for hiring great people with a whole lot less effort than you are spending today.
Comprehensive Online Live Training Program
to Create a System to Hire Better and Faster
Module 1 - Psychological Assessment Tools
  • Discover a profiling tool designed specifically for hiring*
  • Learn which tools you can legally use for hiring
  • Find out how to use the tools as part of your hiring process
*Includes Five Assessments - a $375 Value
Module 2 - Profiling The Job
  • How to profile a newly created position
  • How to profile an existing position
Module 3 - Crafting an Ultra Attractive Job Advertisement
  • How to use the right language to attract
  • How to Avoid the common mistakes that turn candidates off
  • What NOT to do - mistakes that can make your ad totally unappealing a turn off
Module 4 - Integrating with and Streamlining Your Candidate Funnel
  • Where to fit everything into your process
  • What else you can do to automate your hiring process
We create each one of these BONUSES specifically so that you get the absolute most out of this system.
Question and Answer Sessions
We will do THREE live Q&A calls after the training to help you with any specific questions you have about the tools, the process, or how to integrate.

We want you to be successful with this system.
Managers Training Session
This is a training session just for the managers and executives you are working with in the hiring process.

They will learn how to be a better manager using the profiling tools.

How to interview a candidate that fits the profile.

They will get Questions the Answers they can use during interviews.

They will also learn the most common mistakes and how to avoid them.
Hiring Funnel
We will give you all the blueprints and templates you need to quickly integrate this into your existing process.

You will get:
+ Hiring Funnel Blueprint
+ Sample Job Ads
+ Irresistible Language Guide
Two Job Ad Review Certificates
We will personally review the job profile, the results of the psychological profiling tool results, and the job ad for you.

Again we want you to feel confident and be successful right away.

So we will provide you with feedback and coaching on the first two positions you use this system on.

Gary Bernier - Instructor

Gary is a behavior modification consultant with over fifteen years of experience hiring top talent in the challenging IT field during some most challenging periods in the business like the dot com boom.

He has helped many businesses implement this exact system and create a system that can be used over and over again, making truly an asset for the business.

He is certified in all the psychological tools and techniques that he will be teaching during this program.

Double 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

Enroll in the program. Attend all the trainings, or watch all the recorded sessions. Download and USE all the blue prints and templates. Get on the Q&A calls with Gary. PROFIT from this program and put it to the test. THEN decide if this is right for you.

IF after previewing it for 90 days, you don't feel this program is worth FAR MORE than your investment, or if you feel you won't be successful with these strategies (for any reason), you can simply request a full no-hassle refund.

If you can show me you used SOME part of the program but didn't get the results you wanted, you may contact my office for a FULL and COMPLETE REFUND.
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Wayne Goldstein - CEO - Global Mentoring Solutions

We implemented this system over eight years ago and are still enjoying success today. This is a real asset in our business. We spend less time wondering if we have made a good hire.

Before we put this system in place we where hiring five and seeing who made it to the ninety day mark. Now we make a single good hire every time.

I believe one of the reasons are retention is so high is because we have matched people to the type of work their job requires and that they naturally enjoy.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Will we do all this for you, or do you have to take the training?

Yes, we will happily provide you with a quotation within 24 hours after a quick consultation call with you. Please call 1-888-973-7924 and we can talk about the position you want to create a compelling job posting for.

What happens if I can't make a training session - I miss it?

No worries at all. All of the training sessions along with the Q&A Calls will be recorded and placed in the online members area which you will have access to for a year. Yes that means you will have access to any future improvements we add to the course.

What are the prerequisites for this training?

None really, although it is best if you have a position you would like to work on. A new position you need to fill, a vacant position you need to fill, a position in which you experience higher than acceptable turnover. We will teach you the rest.

Am I discriminating when I use this system?

Absolutely not.
In fact you will not have to disappoint as many people when you tell them they are not right for the position.

Anyone can apply to these Job Advertisements - they are not biased in anyway to age, race, gender, etc.

They will be more attractive to the specific personality profile you design them for, but that is who will be best in the job anyways. It works out to be a total win-win for everybody.

What if I don't like the training?

That's why we have the Guarantee - You can get all of your money back - 100% Refund if you are not completely satisfied.
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